Our philosofy

This section we have written since realized that not all breeders and dog owners refer to the dogs, their breeding, their colleagues and the many obvious to us the concept as well as we do. Because we tend to gain experience, mainly living in the particular case of dog training, this article will likely adjust the time, events, thoughts.

золотистый ретривер - сказочная душа

So! The philosophy of "Forest City":

Dogs are our everything! In our kennel dogs - the family members. We love each of our residents, regardless of its exhibition success, breeding values, intelligence, beauty and age ...

We do not know how many of us will be tomorrow - in the "Forest City" there is no settlement sites for some dogs today have eight golden retrievers ... just so happen to ... We do not give anyone and never their dogs, if we do not plan to use them in future breeding work, we can not imagine how we can part with them. We will never give our dogs!

Rest your we also try to spend with our golden friends, and even if we can not travel throughout the flight, tried to have all of our dogs have traveled with us.

From communication with the dogs we get only positive emotions and therefore:

- We do not participate in any dog activities, if it is unpleasant to someone from us

- We even tried to prank our kids to take an optimistic

- We avoid those who do not like us and the dogs

- We see many advantages and disadvantages of their dogs as well as others, but never leaves a mark on our relationship

- We do not sell their puppies at the slightest doubt that they will be fine with new friends

We are happy to communicate with everyone who is close and dear to the theme of "the dogs" in all its multifaceted manifestations. We are always happy to learn on their own and with the same joy to share our experiences and knowledge with those who need it. We love people and dogs, happy to get acquainted, socialize, we go to visit and receive guests. However, we do not tolerate hypocrisy, dishonesty and deceit ... From the carriers of these defects we are running without looking back ... But we tolerated all those little things without which our lives. All of us are not perfect, but we all deserve respect and love ....

золотистый ретривер - сказочная душа

We carefully treat the breed golden retriever. The aim of our breeding, we see the children, surpassed that of their parents. The main advantage of the breed, we believe unique temperament and character of Golden. "Foreign harmony as a mirror of the fairy gold of the soul" - a credo of "Forest City".

We do not breed our dogs just like that, or inline graphics. We are also zealous opponents of random connections. More precisely, each wedding in our nursery - the result of painstaking analysis and selection of partners to set criteria, we try to get rid of the disadvantages of children and parents to increase their strengths. In assessing the prospects of breeding for the first plan we have set the psychological traits of the parents first and foremost seek to bestow our puppies the best traits of character.

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