Future owners of golden retrievers ask many important questions. Some of the answers we gathered on this page.


As you tackle the problem with worms?

In the kennel we have all the necessary measures have already made a puppy. And an adult dog should be regularly, at intervals of 3 to 6 months, depending on the living conditions of the drive worms. For street dogs more often, for apartment for less, in the general case. And if your dog gradually worse looks, losing weight and mood, but eats well - you need an exceptional sweep of worms. If, after taking the drug in a dog turd in the mucus - the worms have been! колобок злится - питомник Лесной Городок Drugs: Milbemaks and Endogard

And with fleas and ticks?

As the snow melted and before the next snow - every 3 weeks drip drops on the withers Frontline , Advantix, Bars. About fleas do not expect - from this chemistry, they die out much faster mites. Be sure to inspect the streets after a dog with a comb - this is the most reliable means. If any of the other parasites - ear mite demadikoz - very well helps Stronghold .

Yes, it's a terrible sore. Transmitted by ticks. It is treated by injections and drip. It is shown as sharp lethargy in dogs, dark urine. An urgent need to escape to veterinarku, testing and treatment. Otherwise, the dog will lose with a probability of 100%.
The dog ate something. Not cocoa and does not eat. What to do?
First quickly give the dog 30 ml vaseline oil (located at the mouth a large syringe). If not work for 5-6 hours - fly to veterinarku on X-rays and possibly surgery. BUT!! колобок злится - питомник Лесной Городок first phoning breeder.
The dog ate something. Diarrhea with mucus and / or blood. What to do?
Most likely an infection, or, more rarely, injures something inside. We call the breeder and go to veterinary. After receiving the destination and the diagnosis called again breeder. It is possible that 30% of the assigned does not make sense, because useless.
As the temperature measure up?
Quick and easy. Take the electronic thermometer, the tip of the smear anything (cream, butter, at worst - just moisten with water) and gently insert Sobakin in the ass. Glad, say good words. A few minutes later, we have the result.
Our boy needs to get married for the health?
No!! It's not obligatory. Perfect to live unmarried. Nothing he does not ache from it and the psyche will not happen. AND DO NOT MAKE STERILISATION !! This is not very useful, and much more dangerous than in cats. If he's got nothing hurts and nothing to climb ...
Our girl need to be married for the health?
No!! No one had pregnancy and childbirth health was added. In the best case - it is not diminished. If you really want from your puppy is a girl, then - yes, otherwise it is not necessary. And DO NOT STERILISATION !! Nothing not beatiful with health behavior. This abdominal operation, anesthesia and a huge risk. We're going to take this step only in the event of illness.
Recommend a good doctor!
To fit any vaccinations. The main thing that a good vaccine and syringe odnorazvym. And if you get sick - immediately call - it'll give you the best for a particular problem. Such unit doctors. If you got this, then hold on to it and let us know, all of a sudden someone is still able to help in time
And what a good vaccine?
Without going into the study - a direct result. Total vaccine - Vanguard+ with coronavirus. Rabies - Rabizin. Others simply worse ..

Questions about feeding

What to feed?
It is best to give a full high-quality feed retriever super-premium, following the instructions. These feeds are made from high-quality ingredients, a fully balanced in nutrients, feed formulation allows for such individual characteristics of the animal (gender, age, size, physical condition of the animal, etc.). Every company - producer of feed varieties exist with a different composition of the components, and in terms of the usefulness of food they are the same, so you will be able to solve the problem, just try the same food with different composition without changing the schedule and quantity. We successfully use dry food, and recommend this method of feeding. However, the choice between dry food and natural food with added vitamins and minerals is yours. Natural food feeding harder - you have to keep an eye on the balance of macro and micronutrients, vitamins and the ratio of fat and protein.
How often to feed?
Normally, two - in the morning and evening. Sometimes it used a one-time scheme, but more колобок смеется - питомник Лесной Городок But this is - for an adult retriever. Puppy feed more often - starting with four meals, and gradually come to the double-entry.
And how much to eat?
We start from the appearance, that is, condition of the dog. The adult must clearly palpable ribs sternum. In puppy - should not колобок смеется - питомник Лесной Городок but the puppy should maintain mobility raskarmlivayte not like Piggy - will hurt feet and heart. But he was skinny and should not be - let it be plump, rather ovalnenky колобок улыбается - питомник Лесной Городок
And what other than food?
Everything is allowed! All he or she likes. But without fanaticism, in goodies mode. Those. a little piece of cheese, a quarter or half an apple, tangerine (yes - we are very fond of) and so on ... Do not no kilos and tons and little by little. Yes, still - carrots retriever is not helpful. And in any case do not give sharp bones, especially of birds. And pork these "Muslims" absolutely not!

Living adult retriever

We live in the country. How best to contain the retriever in the house or outside?

Let`s try to answer this question very differently:

Bad for retriever - life in a small space without people.

Optimum in our time - live on the street with a warm house (that would be in the winter there was no colder than zero) and often, often to communicate with the owner as walking and playing with it, and go to the house that would lie outside TV or bed

This script can be strongly adapted to the specific conditions of your life

But the main thing - Bad for retriever - life in a small space without people!

As you wash your dog`s paws after a walk?

The options are:

  • The basin or bucket with water in the vestibule, a rag and polotntse
  • Special device (available at pet stores)
  • If it`s dirt - completely in the bath
  • In a clean, dry weather - and you can not wash
Do Retriever afraid of the vacuum cleaner?

Do you know - it depends on the character. Someone runs off in a panic, someone - loves to play with this terrible beast. More often - dogs reaction to the vacuum cleaner - the distrust and the desire to go into another room

As a dog owner reported the desire to go to the toilet?

Depending on the nature of your dog can

  • to stare into the eyes, get in the way and often breathe
  • sit at the door and puff may whine, feet stomped sitting on on-site
  • of the votes cast, usually with a special intonation
  • can find your leash and bring the owner
  • and finally can just get things done at home колобок улыбается - питомник Лесной Городок - but that, fortunately, rare among retrievers