• The Golden Retriever is a dog with a philosophical mindset, not prone to committing rash acts.
  • The credo of our kennel is External harmony as a mirror of a fabulous golden soul
  • We are glad to communicate with everyone who is close and dear to the topic "about dogs" in all its multifaceted manifestations

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Forest Town kennel - leader of golden retrievers kennels in Russia. Single breed - golden retrievers.

During the existence of the kennel since 2006, we have born 195



Our puppies

Kennel Forest Town founded in 2006 year.

Oficial registration of Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 2010 year. Certificate # 11676.

We carefully treat the breed golden retriever. The aim of our breeding, we see the children, surpassed that of their parents. The main advantage of the breed, we believe unique temperament and character of Golden. "Foreign harmony as a mirror of the fairy gold of the soul" - a credo of "Forest Town".

Our philosophy History
  • 10 International Champions of Beauty
  • 8 International Champions of Expositions
  • 3 Candidates to International Champion
  • 179 National champions
  • 11 certificates on field trial I and II levels
  • prizewinners Cruft's, World and European championships
  • winners of the exhibitions "Russia", "Eurasia", "President's Cup RKF" and "Gold Collar"

The first aids for dogs.

Щенки ретривера - фото к статье о первой помощи

Of course, any dog ​​" sore " - It is a huge cause for concern. Of course, we very much hope that you will be able to avoid problems with the health of your pet. But!

around us waiting diferent problems and potential hazards. What to do if your retriever poisoned by "muck", or bitten by a tick ... In fact, immediately to the vet. And call me .... - breeder


Particular attention to the dog's behavior - if something has changed - your friend sluggish or have a concern - that is, you think that there is something unusual - it is better to be overly vigilant !!

firs aids for dog - detail

Memo for golden retriever owner from Forest Town kennel


Photos to list owner puppy golden retriever from kennel Forest Town

You do not just become the owner of the puppy, which is very soon from a small, fun young one will turn into a beautiful elegant dog, you have acquired a loyal sincere friend to a very long years.
The first thing to remember for you and your home – how to take a puppy in his hands. It is still small and the muscles, ligaments in his weaknesses and when to pull the puppy, picking up his front paws, it is very easy to injure him for a lifetime. Take the puppy should be both hands under the chest and under the seat at the same time, or on both sides, grabbing the chest and shoulder blades, and not under the belly. Hold fast to be that the puppy is not broke and fell to the floor. Better himself has often crouch to him and without extreme need not to raise it.

not to carry the puppy paws and tail

It is strictly unacceptable that the puppy was walking along the street until the moment when it will be delivered required vaccinations! Even once may be enough to get sick puppy! Also to vaccinations do not allow the puppy to have access to outdoor shoes, sniffed and licked her. Only ten days after the second vaccination with a puppy can begin to walk in the street. Avoid contact with outsiders puppy animals that do not live with you

Memo for golden retriever owner from Forest Town kennel - detail